Staying Out

1 x 55 min documentary

A documentary that follows the troubled journeys of two people, Terry and Christie, both leaving prison to make a new start on the outside. Terry is a thoughtful and articulate man in his mid-forties and he is released after serving eight years for armed robbery. His journey is one of self-discovery, disappointment and revelation as he battles his old demons and a nagging sense of loneliness. Twenty-five year-old Christie is determined – this time – to succeed on the outside. A reformed heroin addict, she relies heavily on the emotional support of her partner Paul. Together they hope to win back her nine-year-old son Damien, who has always lived with Paul’s’ parents.

Producer: Leisl Hillhouse
Writer/Director: Sally Browning
Executive Producers: Megan McMurchy and Sharon Connolly
Editor: Ray Thomas
Composer: Michael Thomas