Project Planet

Project Planet showcases a group of dynamic young people from three diverse classrooms across Australia who are ready to shake things up. Over 8 weeks, these Waste Warriors take on a huge mission to transform their schools from being eco wastelands to waste-wise wonderlands. Led by ABC ME host Lawrence Gunatilaka, our Waste Warriors will start saving the Earth, one school at a time!

The Secret Safari Study Guides

The Secret Safari tells the story of the African National Congress’s most successful secret mission to smuggle guns into South Africa during the height of Apartheid. It is a character-driven journey of courage, cunning and suspense. In the early 1980s a company called ‘Africa Hinterland’ was created by the exiled operatives of the African National Congress. The company took tourists on sight seeing trips across the border into South Africa. Unbeknown to the tourists – mostly Australians and New Zealanders – under the seats of the truck were specially-designed secret compartments housing military arms and explosives destined for the frontline of the ANC’s military arm as it fought to end the notorious apartheid system. The ‘Africa Hinterland’ operation made some 40 trips across the treacherous South African border loaded with a tonne of weapons each journey and were never caught.

Stranger In The Family Study Guide

Stranger in the Family is a one hour documentary that follows the experiences of three families over a year as their autistic children participate in a special program of one-on-one therapy which they hope will teach them how to communicate with their parents and eventually the world.

Staying Out Study Guide

Staying Out is a documentary that follows the troubled journeys of two people, Terry and Christie, both leaving prison to make a new start on the outside. Terry is a thoughtful and articulate man in his mid-forties and he is released after serving eight years for armed robbery. His journey is one of self-discovery, disappointment and revelation as he battles his old demons and a nagging sense of loneliness. Twenty-five year-old Christie is determined – this time – to succeed on the outside. A reformed heroin addict, she relies heavily on the emotional support of her partner Paul. Together they hope to win back her nine-year-old son Damien, who has always lived with Paul’s’ parents.