This Is Me

Series 1: 32 x 5min episodes, 4 x half hour themed episodes
Produced by Emerald’s sister company Air Pig Productions

We live in a beautiful country, with truly amazing kids. They might be super smart or amazingly sporty. They might have a head for robotics or a heart for culture. They might make stories, or pictures, or dream of a shiny future. In five minutes it is amazing what you can find out about some of Australia’s finest young hearts, minds, spirits and souls.

This Is Me showcases thirty-two extraordinary kids ages 9-16, in an entertaining, factual, short-form format. Each story has a little drama, humour, adventure, energy and wonder. The young adults have a variety of interests and passions, come from vastly different backgrounds and dream a diversity of dreams about their futures. There are environmentalists, artists and academics. There are cultural custodians, community activists and sporting enthusiasts. There are deep thinkers, passionate doers and committed makers.

The series allows young Australians to share their experiences with the world as well as their thoughts about their life, friends and family. This Is Me is the kids stories in their words, from their worlds: a vibrant snapshot of Australian childhoods.

Executive Producer: ABC Children’s Television – Libbie Doherty
Directors: Sally Browning, Jennifer Wells-Scherrer, Karen Borger and Tom Slater
Producer: Sally Browning
Writer/Researcher: Max Schintler
Cinematographers: Dean Cropp, Brad Smith, Jim Frater, Adam Geiger, Luke Peterson and Peter Baker
Editors: Daniel Oates, Jennifer Wells-Scherrer and Lindi Harrison
Post Supervisor: Keaton Stewart