The Stickie Gang

Series 1: 8 x 1 minute episodes

Angie, Eddie and Mia are best friends who live on Stickie Street. Their loveable dog, Ruffles, is always nearby wanting to join in! They all love learning, playing and solving problems together, and having a lot of fun while they do it. Meet the Stickie Gang!

EPISODE 1 – Counting By Twos
Whilst The Stickie Gang attempt to deliver a party invitation to their friend Jack, there’s a problem: every second house number on Stickie Street is missing! How will they solve the mystery of the runaway numbers?

EPISODE 2 – Sorting 2D Shapes
Angie, Eddie & Mia design their very own clubhouse, only to discover that shapes are hidden everywhere! Can you find the triangle, square and rectangle?

EPISODE 3 – Identifying 2D Shapes
In their very first Quiz Show, The Stickie Gang friends try their best to listen to the clues and name-the-shape before the buzzer sounds!

EPISODE 4 – Identifying 3D Objects
From spheres to cylinders to cubes to prisms, Angie and Eddie discover some new words as Mia turns everyday games into exploring the world of mathematical language. Even Ruffles the dog gets involved!

EPISODE 5 – Days of the Week
Whilst getting a snack at the local corner store, The Stickie Gang explore the days in the week and try not to get confused talking about yesterday, today and tomorrow.

EPISODE 6 – Months of the Year
As the gang help Eddie prepare for his dad’s birthday, Mia drops her calendar and it becomes mixed up! Mia, Eddie and Angie figure out the months of the year as they talk about birthdays, celebrations and holidays. And Ruffles the dog gets excited as he helps too!

EPISODE 7 – Times of the Day
What’s your favourite time of day? Play time? Snack time? Reading time? The Stickie Gang enjoy talking about what they like to do at their favourite times of day.

EPISODE 8 – Grouping & Measuring
Angie, Eddie and Mia learn to share out their snacks at a birthday party. Whilst they’re trying to be equal and fair, Ruffles the dog has another idea for the ideal snack.

Creator, Producer, Director: Sally Browning
Writers: Max Schintler, Sally Browning
Educational consultant / Co producer: Megan Dredge
Animation Director: Alexei Hatherley
Editors: Brendan Cain, Daniel Oates
Music / Sound Mix: Mark Walmsley
Title Design: Elissa O’Brien

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