Makiita’s Story

“I don’t’ know exactly what my future will hold, or what my future will be…”

17-year-old Makiita is an extraordinary girl with a remarkable story about how in a moment your life can change.

In 2012 Makiita was driving to school and all she remembers is stopping at a T-intersection and seeing a truck indicating to turn. Unfortunately for the 17-year-old, the truck didn’t turn- it T-boned her car at speed. While Makiita doesn’t recall much she had severe injuries and required a range of different rehabilitation services, education support, equipment and care to help in her on-going recovery and rehabilitation. It was then that icare lifetime care stepped in to be there for Makiita and her family.

Makiita is still recovering and regaining her independence. Icare will be there for Makiita, for life.

Icare lifetime care supports over 1,100 people severely injured in motor accidents in NSW.

Writer/Producer/Director: Sally Browning
Editor: Dan Oates
DOP: Brad Smith