Series 1: 8 x 1 minute episodes

Angie, Eddie and Mia are best friends who live on Stickie Street. Their loveable dog, Ruffles, is always nearby wanting to join in! They all love learning, playing and solving problems together, and having a lot of fun while they do it. Meet the Stickie Gang!

EPISODE 1 – Counting By Twos
Whilst The Stickie Gang attempt to deliver a party invitation to their friend Jack, there’s a problem: every second house number on Stickie Street is missing! How will they solve the mystery of the runaway numbers?

EPISODE 2 – Sorting 2D Shapes
Angie, Eddie & Mia design their very own clubhouse, only to discover that shapes are hidden everywhere! Can you find the triangle, square and rectangle?

EPISODE 3 – Identifying 2D Shapes
In their very first Quiz Show, The Stickie Gang friends try their best to listen to the clues and name-the-shape before the buzzer sounds!

EPISODE 4 – Identifying 3D Objects
From spheres to cylinders to cubes to prisms, Angie and Eddie discover some new words as Mia turns everyday games into exploring the world of mathematical language. Even Ruffles the dog gets involved!

EPISODE 5 – Days of the Week
Whilst getting a snack at the local corner store, The Stickie Gang explore the days in the week and try not to get confused talking about yesterday, today and tomorrow.

EPISODE 6 – Months of the Year
As the gang help Eddie prepare for his dad’s birthday, Mia drops her calendar and it becomes mixed up! Mia, Eddie and Angie figure out the months of the year as they talk about birthdays, celebrations and holidays. And Ruffles the dog gets excited as he helps too!

EPISODE 7 – Times of the Day
What’s your favourite time of day? Play time? Snack time? Reading time? The Stickie Gang enjoy talking about what they like to do at their favourite times of day.

EPISODE 8 – Grouping & Measuring
Angie, Eddie and Mia learn to share out their snacks at a birthday party. Whilst they’re trying to be equal and fair, Ruffles the dog has another idea for the ideal snack.

Creator, Producer, Director: Sally Browning
Writers: Max Schintler, Sally Browning
Educational consultant / Co producer: Megan Dredge
Animation Director: Alexei Hatherley
Editors: Brendan Cain, Daniel Oates
Music / Sound Mix: Mark Walmsley
Title Design: Elissa O’Brien

The Stickie Gang – now playing on ABC iview

8 x 24 minutes + additional content

Five passionate students have been recruited by Project Planet to lead their schools into a more sustainable future.

Project Planet’s champion, Lawrence Gunatilaka, introduces the five Waste Warriors who will steer their three schools on the individual missions that have been set for them.

At Fremantle College in Western Australia, Waste Warrior Sinon has the mission of reducing food waste. He imagines the possibilities of bringing the school vege patch back to life, with students growing their own food.

At Berry Springs Primary School in the Northern Territory, the focus is on water: a finite and precious resource. Waste Warriors Jenny, Max and Jayden will stop water wastage and promote renewable energies. Jenny, Jayden and Max develop a solar-powered automated irrigation system for the school garden.

And at Taroona High School in Tasmania, Waste Warrior Freida is set the task to break the waste cycle and follow the 5 Rs: to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Renew and Recycle. Each “R” has a project team with a planned activity to achieve results.

Lawrence calls in on the Waste Warriors every few weeks to see how they’re progressing with their tasks.

And each week, the Warriors are set an extra challenge.

In episode one, it’s to reduce their class landfill to an amount that would fit in a small glass jar; another week it’s to get the message out about an endangered local native species.

Their extra challenges arrive in a purple box and there’s always a USB stick to plug in, with a message revealing this week’s task.

Throughout the series, the Waste Warriors are supported by relevant experts, who come in with advice and practical assistance to help them succeed in their major mission.

There are relevant facts and statistics along the way, as well as interviews with – and reactions from – the Waste Warriors. They have to clean toilets with natural ingredients and use recycled materials to build a watering system. There are experiments and a whole lot of team work as our Waste Warriors set their sights on changing their fellow students’ attitudes.

“It actually feels pretty cool being a Waste Warrior – it’s like being a superhero,” says Jayden from Berry Springs Primary School.

“I think it would be so cool if we could help change people’s minds,” reflects Freida, from Taroona High School.

Sinon from Fremantle College is both realistic and optimistic about this team’s task: “It’s going to take a lot of time and it’s going to take a lot of effort and it’s going to be hard for all of us, but I think we can do it.”

Project Planet: Saving the earth one school at a time.

Created By: Sally Browning
Producers: Sally Browning, Renee Kennedy
Executive Producer ABC: Amanda Isdale
Directors: Charmaine Ingram, Jennifer Wells-Scherrer, Claire Leeman
Associate Producer: Leah James
Cinematographers: Greg Knight, Matthew Newton, Claire Leach, Brad Smith
Editors: Daniel Oates, Elaine Smith, Roland Smith, Bryan McQueen-Mason, Ivan Davidov

Get to know the Waste Warriors






Keep Breathing – End Violence Against Children

1 x 1’40 seconds
3 x 30 seconds

The Office of the Advocate for Children and Young People (ACYP) undertook focus groups with 202 children and young people in seven schools across NSW. The findings from these focus groups was confirmed through an online poll of a further 1,000 children and young people.

The focus groups and polling found that children and young people conceptualise violence as physical, emotional and sexual and that it can happen to anyone, not just certain types of children and young people. Overwhelmingly, children and young people reported that violence against children and young people takes place anywhere and everywhere – both in private and in public spaces, in “safe places” and “even with people you trust.”

In 2017 The Office of ACYP commissioned Emerald Films to produce a campaign video that showed true to life (but fictionalised) examples of the types of violence they experience and the settings violence occurs. This information was central to the development of the campaign video, which highlights true examples and the impacts of violence against children. The child actors in this video did not witness any of the depicted ‘violence’ – the video was filmed in a way that did not necessitate them being on set during those scenes.

Producers: Sally Browning and Katey Grusovin
Director: David Grusovin
DOP: Brad Smith
Editor: Dan Oates

ACYP encourages you to take the pledge to end violence against children.

Series 1: 26 x 24 minutes

Series 2: 26 x 24 minutes

Produced by Emerald Films’ sister company Air Pig Productions. An official Aus-Irish co-production

Drop Dead Weird follows the hilarious antics of an Australian family who move to Tubbershandy, an isolated seaside village in Western Ireland. The Champs move to Ireland to save the family B&B, as the bank is threatening to sell and local identity Bunni Shanahan is ready to take over.

With three ‘fish-out-of-water’ Aussie kids, one kooky Irish grandfather and two recently zombified parents, running a B&B in a remote seaside Irish village, things are going to get weird… DROP DEAD WEIRD!

The three Aussie siblings – Lulu, Bruce and Frankie – are finding it hard enough fitting into a new hometown, but now they have to harbour an enormous secret. Their parents are zombies! Yes, ZOMBIES. We’re talking seriously undead with limited vocabularies and really terrible skin.

The three siblings must invent on a daily, or even hourly basis, a way to keep the truth under wraps or Bunni Shanahan will be on to them. Their schemes, ideas and unexpected twists of fate are a constant source of adventure and hilarity.

Executive Producers: Sally Browning, Monica O’Brien and Paul Cummins
Created By: Sally Browning & Dean Cropp
Producers: Kylie Mascord, Keaton Stewart, Christine O’Connor
Writers: Warren Coleman, Stephen Abbott, Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin, Paul Livingston, Eimear Ní Choisdealbha, Greg O’Braonáin, PJ Cook, Richie Conroy, Pauline McLynn, Kitty Flanagan, Penny Flanagan, Joel Slack-Smith
Directors: Danny Raco (Season 1 & 2),  Beth Armstrong (Season 1), Justin Schneider (Season 2), Declan Recks (Season 2)
DOP Aus: Lorenzo Zaffino
DOP Ire: Billy Keady
A Camera: Brad Smith
B Camera: Toby Hogan
Production Designer: Ray Ball
Editors: Ronnie Quinlin, Keith Ó Gairbhín

Maggie Champ (Mandy Bishop)
Former corporate high-flyer, Maggie Champ, thought moving her family to Ireland would be a relaxing sea-change. The changes were not quite expected- she’s now a Zombie! Despite the vast inconvenience of being a Zombie, Mum feels a strong love for her children, and her instincts are to protect them whenever possible. Despite being one of the shambling undead, she can still be a shoulder to cry on- it’s just not always attached to her body.

Fergus Champ (David Collins)
Wanting to reconnect and introduce his family to his Irish heritage, laid back- dad, Fergus Champ finds he is reconnecting in an unexpected way. In fact, he is finding it difficult to stay connected to his limbs at all… now he is a Zombie! Dad has changed a lot, but even as a Zombie he also still feels protective towards his children at an instinctual level.

Grandad Champ (Maeolisa Stafford)
Grandad Champ, is a cheerful, optimistic, but seemingly unhinged entrepreneur who is always cooking up a scheme to turn the B&B into a great success. Grandad is completely oblivious to the whole Zombie thing- he thinks his son and daughter-in-law’s odd behaviour is a natural result of spending too long in the Australian sunshine

Bernadette Shanahan (Pauline McLynn)
Bernadette Shanahan – better known as Bunni and a former sweetheart of Fergus- is the local politician, headmistress, celebrity and busybody. As headmistress of the local Secondary School, Bunni has noticed the lack of parental involvement in the Champ family and has become extremely suspicious. She knows there is something going on with that family, and she is determined to discover what it is and expose it to the town. Her dream would be to force the Champs to sell the B&B, so she can buy it and turn it into the health retreat she has long imagined.

Lulu Champ (Sofia Nolan)
16 year old Lulu Champ is resourceful, confident, clever and a born leader. The organiser of the family- but is struggling with normal teenage challenges- as well as the unique problem of having Zombie parents. Lulu’s approach to her Zombie parents is to keep them a secret- She’s protective and in control.

Bruce Champ (Jack Riley)
12 year old Bruce is the world’s greatest self-marketer. Outgoing, gregarious, talkative, he is destined for fame and fortune. A true extrovert- or more accurately, a tonight show host who has to be in bed by ten- Bruce spends a lot of his time filming clips for his YouTube channel. He honestly believes that BruceTube fame is the only way to get the world to lay down its pitchforks and embrace their parents as the Zombies they’ve become.

Frankie Champ (Adele Cosentino)
9 year old Frankie is the youngest of the family and is just an ordinary little girl, except she also happens to have a brain the size of a planet. Frankie is the true problem-solver in the family. Whilst Lulu and Bruce debate themselves in circles, Frankie is usually the one who will quietly come up with the most logical and yet often far fetched idea to solve the Zombie crisis.

Dermot Shanahan (David Rawle)
Dermot is extremely laidback, modest and avoids attention. The exact opposite of his mother, Bunni. As the local supermarket delivery guy, Dermot speaks to everybody in town and is always plugged in to the gossip. He really likes Lulu, and strangely enough, he thinks her parents are great. They’re chilled, they never tell him what to do and they’re really good listeners.

Aisling (Lucy Maher)
Aisling is a local Tubbershandy girl who has taken a shine to Lulu. She finds the idea of a friend from Australia really glamorous. Because Aisling is obsessed with Home and Away, whatever the weather she is always dressed for Summer Bay. She loves the beach, and where others see sea mist, freezing water and grey skies, she sees- you guessed it- Summer Bay.

A short-haired pure-breed Aussie Jack Russell with small dog syndrome, Fluff is extremely loyal, and growls at anyone who gets too close to Mum and Dad. Fluff is the only one who understands everything the Zombies say, but is unable to tell anybody because of his communication issues and the fact that he’s a dog. Fluff too is adapting to his new home, and his undead owners.

Nomination – Best Children’s Program, IFTA gala awards, Dublin
Nomination – Australian Writer’s Guild: Best Screenplay – Episode: Letter In A Bottle
Nomination – Australian Director’s Guild – Episode: Mum Loses Her Head
Nomination – Best Children’s Series of the Year – SPA Producer Awards 2018
Nomination – Best Children’s Series – AACTA Awards
Nomination – Best Children’s Series of the Year – SPA Producer Awards 2019

Drop Dead Weird Season 1 Trailer

Drop Dead Weird Season 2 Trailer

“I don’t’ know exactly what my future will hold, or what my future will be…”

17-year-old Makiita is an extraordinary girl with a remarkable story about how in a moment your life can change.

In 2012 Makiita was driving to school and all she remembers is stopping at a T-intersection and seeing a truck indicating to turn. Unfortunately for the 17-year-old, the truck didn’t turn- it T-boned her car at speed. While Makiita doesn’t recall much she had severe injuries and required a range of different rehabilitation services, education support, equipment and care to help in her on-going recovery and rehabilitation. It was then that icare lifetime care stepped in to be there for Makiita and her family.

Makiita is still recovering and regaining her independence. Icare will be there for Makiita, for life.

Icare lifetime care supports over 1,100 people severely injured in motor accidents in NSW.

Writer/Producer/Director: Sally Browning
Editor: Dan Oates
DOP: Brad Smith

Series 1: 32 x 5min episodes, 4 x half hour themed episodes
Produced by Emerald’s sister company Air Pig Productions

We live in a beautiful country, with truly amazing kids. They might be super smart or amazingly sporty. They might have a head for robotics or a heart for culture. They might make stories, or pictures, or dream of a shiny future. In five minutes it is amazing what you can find out about some of Australia’s finest young hearts, minds, spirits and souls.

This Is Me showcases thirty-two extraordinary kids ages 9-16, in an entertaining, factual, short-form format. Each story has a little drama, humour, adventure, energy and wonder. The young adults have a variety of interests and passions, come from vastly different backgrounds and dream a diversity of dreams about their futures. There are environmentalists, artists and academics. There are cultural custodians, community activists and sporting enthusiasts. There are deep thinkers, passionate doers and committed makers.

The series allows young Australians to share their experiences with the world as well as their thoughts about their life, friends and family. This Is Me is the kids stories in their words, from their worlds: a vibrant snapshot of Australian childhoods.

Executive Producer: ABC Children’s Television – Libbie Doherty
Directors: Sally Browning, Jennifer Wells-Scherrer, Karen Borger and Tom Slater
Producer: Sally Browning
Writer/Researcher: Max Schintler
Cinematographers: Dean Cropp, Brad Smith, Jim Frater, Adam Geiger, Luke Peterson and Peter Baker
Editors: Daniel Oates, Jennifer Wells-Scherrer and Lindi Harrison
Post Supervisor: Keaton Stewart

Season 1: 13 x 26 minutes + additional content
Produced by Emerald Films’ sister company: Air Pig Productions


Hailing from Ireland and Australia our international team of Rookies are thrown in the deep end to learn how to care for rescued marine animals. Their hard work culminates in the showcasing of the Rookies’ own conservation messages.

Throughout their journey the Rookies experience the highs and lows of working with marine animals: from assisting with emergency seal, turtle and dolphin rescues and releases to the not so glamorous job of preparing fish buckets and cleaning seal poop at 6am in the morning.

Blue Zoo is packed to the gills with life-changing adventures, life-long friendships and has the Rookies tackling global conservation issues head on.

Executive Producers: David Atkins, Sally Browning
Producers: Sally Browning, David Atkins, Dean Cropp
Directors: Gary Doust and Sally Browning
Series Producer: Nick Hopkin
Narrated by: Xenia Goodwin (Australia) / Liam McKenna (Ireland)
Narration written by: Sally Browning / Gary Doust / Nick Hopkin
Composer: Dave Pierce

Nomination – Best Direction in a Factual Series – Australian Directors Guild Awards

1 x 55 min documentary

Stranger in the Family invites viewers to share the lives of three Australian families for a year, as they manage children with autism, a disorder that affects one in every 500 children born each year. Autism occurs in all social and ethnic groups. Until recently, most autistic children were institutionalised because they were considered ‘unreachable’. Two of the families in this film have two children with the disorder. Having one autistic child increases the chances of having a second one. All the children attend Giant Steps, a special school using a holistic one-on-one therapy that originated in Canada.

Writer/Producer/Director: Sally Browning
DOP: Roman Baska
Editor: Emma Hay

1 x 55 min documentary

A character-driven journey of courage, cunning and suspense about the African National Congress’s most successful and secret mission to smuggle guns into South Africa during Apartheid. In the early 1980s a company called ‘Africa Hinterland’ was created by the exiled operatives of the African National Congress. The company took tourists on sight-seeing trips across the border into South Africa. Unbeknown to the tourists — mostly Australians and New Zealanders — under the seats of the truck were specially-designed secret compartments housing military arms and explosives destined for the frontline of the ANC’s military arm as it fought to end the notorious apartheid system. The ‘Africa Hinterland’ operation made some 40 trips across the treacherous South African border loaded with a tonne of weapons each journey and were never caught.

Producers: Sally Browning & David Max Brown
Director: Tom Zubrycki
Editor: Emma Hay
DOP: Roman Baska
Composer: David Bridie

Winner: Best Documentary, Dendy Awards
Nomination: Best Documentary, IF Awards

1 x 55 min documentary

This is not a film about Elvis impersonators or the hidden whereabouts of the King of Rock ‘n Roll, but rather the vast legions of ordinary fans out there whose undying, unapologetic loyalty to Elvis Presley has become a baffling phenomenon which promises to travel and flourish for decades. Warm, funny and sometimes blisteringly personal, this film follows a pilgrimage of hardcore Elvis fans from Australia to Graceland. Interwoven with the journey of the fans, we meet a procession of nobodies, somebodies and insiders who give us their own spin on the Elvis dream factory. Larry Geller, hairstylist and spiritual advisor to the King, perhaps explains the magic best. Elvis felt he owed his fans everything, and he gave them his best. In taking care of his fans, some 20 years on, they’re taking care of him.

Producer: Sally Browning
Directors: Katey Grusovin & David Grusovin
DOP: Roman Baska
Editor: Emma Hay